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There’s Something Funny in the Water

There’s Something Funny in the Water is two hilarious episodes packed into one DVD. In Fear of Flying, Bill (a duck) faces his fear of heights. He says he doesn’t fly much because bugs get stuck to his glasses. But when visiting pals claim he’s simply afraid that he can’t keep up, Bill becomes determined to take to the air.

Garden Variety Problem helps prioritize what matters. Everybody agrees to help Methuselah out with the garden, but they forget and make other plans. As he toils in the garden, the others have trouble enjoying their day as guilt sets in.

In this biblically-based, character-building lesson from the entertaining Life at the Pond Christian videos for kids (and kids at heart), everything is brought home with biblical insight as friends strengthen their Pond friendships and values. Approximate running time: :29 minutes. Just $14.95 NOW $9.95