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Meet the Characters

Bill the Duck

Bill the duck just wants a calm life. No trouble. He’s very matter of fact. If he were a human, he’d be an accountant. Bill stopped migrating when he got glasses. “The bugs got stuck to my lenses,” he explained. “I’d have to stop every couple miles and wipe them off.” Finally, he settled at The Pond.

Methuselah the Alligator

Methuselah the alligator is the wise one of The Pond. He’s been around seemingly forever. He tries to keep the others out of trouble, while giving them room to make their own mistakes. And, every once in a while, he’ll make a mistake of his own we can all relate to.

Tony the Frog

Tony the frog is a rather loud fella. He’s a tell-it-like-it-is frog. He comes from a large family with, as is customary with frogs, thousands of brothers and sisters. Tony was a tough little frog – raised in Brooklyn in a pond “that was barely more than a puddle.”

Floyd the Turtle

Floyd the turtle is, well, let’s just say he doesn’t completely understand the world around him. He’s got a heart of gold and would do anything to help a friend. Sometimes too much.

Dr. Holstein

Dr. Holstein is a sharp but fragile chicken who lives at the nearby coop. He is Mr. Common Sense, really.

Kevin, Pat and Mike

Kevin, Pat and Mike are old friends from Bill’s past. They show up in video one and tell Bill he’s afraid to fly with them because he isn’t as fast. This is a challenge Bill simply cannot let alone.